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Thank you for taking the time to visit us and explore who we are and what we do.

The Wiley’s are committed and equipped to manufacture firearms and firearm components that meet and exceed not only our expectations but also the expectation of each and every customer.

We have had the pleasure to receive input and feedback on our rifles from competition shooters, hunters, law enforcement, as well as current and former military personnel. Your WAR15 rifle will provide worry-free performance, sub-MOA accuracy and a rifle you can stake your life on. We are passionate about the shooting and firearms industry and will only put the Wiley name on rifles we build and manufacture... rifles that we believe encompass only the best of the best. 

"We Believe Only The Most Accurate Rifles Are Interesting!"

We use only the highest quality raw materials and best components available. Each WAR15 weapon is assembled by hand, one at a time, by an individual who inspects, test fires, verifies sub-MOA capability then cleans the rifle. We create a weapon that blends form, function and aesthetics. No rifle is shipped until it meets or exceeds our rigid quality standards.

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